Kouichi Arakawa / 荒川孝一
Kouichi Arakawa / 荒川孝一


清水翔太との楽曲コラボレーションの座を勝ち取り「Lazy feat. ASOBOiSM, Kouichi Arakawa」がアルバム「HOPE」に収録される。
さらに、世界180国で放送され、優れた番組の功績に与えられる賞であるエミー賞を4度受賞した人気音楽オーディション番組「The Voice」日本版への出演で話題を呼ぶ。
2022年09月に自身初となるEP「Late night talking」をリリース。

また、5人姉弟と父がそれぞれにメインボーカルを務める事から「現代のThe Jackson 5」と称される「あらかわ家」として活動。

He won the position of song collaborator with Shota Shimizu and “Lazy feat. ASOBOiSM, Kouichi Arakawa” is included in the album “HOPE”.
In addition, he made a splash with his appearance on the Japanese version of “The Voice,” a popular music audition program that has been broadcast in 180 countries around the world and has won four Emmy Awards, an award given for outstanding program achievement.
In September 2022, he released his first EP “Late night talking”.

They also work as the “Arakawaya”, known as “The Jackson 5 of our time” because each of the five sisters and their father is the main vocalist.
In addition, with Yuuko, the third daughter of the “Arakawaya”, he is active as a vocal unit “SUN BLAST,” which sublimates MOTOWN, R&B, and FUNK into the modern age.